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New WMI Building Aims High

Shining in the morning sun, the rising white ribs of the new Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research seem to be reaching towards something.

The design of the nine-story building reflects the soaring aspirations of the more than 360 researchers, students and support staff inside.

It’s in these sunlight-filled spaces that long hours are spent in dedicated search of preventions and treatments for some of mankind’s most significant diseases. More...

Our Vision

The Westmead Millennium Institute will continue to grow as a world leader in medical research with the power to improve the health of all mankind. More...














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We are proudly affiliated with the University of Sydney.

Study Finds Likely Origin of Highly Virulent Lung-infecting Fungus

Prof Wieland Meyer, Westmead Millennium Institute

A highly virulent fungus, which has killed several people in the Pacific Northwest of America and was originally thought to have originated in Australia, has now been shown by Australian researchers to have most likely originated in Brazil.

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MRI Test to Predict Anti-Depressant Medication Success

Dr Mayuresh Koraonkar, Westmead Millennium Institute

Australian medical researchers have developed a new way of using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology to improve the notoriously hit-and-miss prescription of anti-depressant drugs.

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